X2D 100C Lightweight Field Kit (XCD 4/21 + XCD 4/45P)


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One Kit, Any Adventure

The X2D 100C Lightweight Field Kit includes Hasselblad’s latest generation of mirrorless medium format cameras, the flagship X2D 100C, and the XCD 4/21 and XCD 4/45P lenses. In totality, the kit weighs only 1810g, making it effortless to carry during long shoots, hikes to hard-to-reach places, or store away.1 

Both the XCD 4/21 and XCD 4/45P lenses feature world-class optics that fully unleash the potential of X2D 100C's 100 megapixels and reliably support the Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) in retaining true-to-life colours. A pair of ultra-wide-angle 17mm and 36mm equivalencies cover most travel scenarios, from landscape, architecture, documentary, street, and still photography, making it a versatile choice for travel and landscape enthusiasts.



    1. The X2D 100C camera body weighs 890g (including the battery and excluding the protective cover), the XCD 4/21 lens weighs 600g (excluding the lens hood and cap), and the XCD 4/45P lens weighs 320g (excluding the lens hood and cap).

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In the Box

X2D 100C Camera Body× 1
30W USB-C Charger× 1
USB-C to USB-C Cable × 1
Shoulder Strap × 1
Battery Cap × 1
XCD 4/21× 1
XCD 4/45P × 1