Hasselblad Sticker Pack


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The Hasselblad Sticker Pack features 11 stickers, including 50 Years on the Moon anniversary stickers and vintage Hasselblad stickers from over the years.


Dimensions: Space Shuttle Sticker - 10 cm diameter 50 Years on the Moon Sticker - 7x7 cm 2 x Hasselblad Logo (black and white) Stickers - 9x1,7 cm Four Cameras Sticker - 10x4 cm Hasselblad V Logo Sticker - 7x2,8 cm On the Moon Since 1969 Sticker - 7x3,4 cm V System Camera Sticker - 10 cm diameter 2 x H Logo Stickers - 5 cm diameter 25 Years on the Moon Anniversary Sticker - 10x10 cm